Retail Security & Fraud Protection

JPEG_SECURITY & FRAUD PREVENTIONAmCard Payments is at the forefront of security and fraud prevention, and as such, we have developed one of the most robust platforms to mitigate risk on all levels. There are two main security and fraud levels we have established as follows:

Proprietary Software
AmCard Payments has developed FraudXP™ specifically designed to keep our customer’s businesses safe and prospering. FraudXP™ is integrated into out payment processing platform and automatically executes IF/THEN comparisons for each transaction in real time and historical timeframe. FraudXP™ offers the following features to ensure the safest and most secure transactions:

• Rules Engine
• Profile the computer instead of the person
• Country BIN Blocking
• Prepaid BIN Blocking
• Card Number Blocking
• IP Blocking
• Anonymous IP Blocking
• Block Free Email
• Block High Risk Email
• Block High Risk Countries

Live Transaction Monitoring
AmCard Payments utilizes sampling techniques to monitor transactions as they are recorded, including human monitoring platforms that scan the data collection process. Our highly trained IT staff work around the clock to maintain the highest levels of security for your business.

Please contact an AmCard Payments specialist for more detailed information and product demonstration.