eCommerce Software Solutions

client-portalAs a leading merchant services provider, AmCard Payments understands and simplifies the matrix of components that are critical to the success of an eCommerce merchant. AmCard Payments offers an extensive array of software tools to manage your eCommerce business and interact with your customer base as seamlessly as possible with efficiency and security.

Whether it’s our customized virtual terminal, our proprietary payment processing software PaymentXP™, eCheck processing, mobile solutions, recurring billing, or data reporting, AmCard Payments continuously strives to solidify it’s position as a leader in online global payment processing and software solutions.

AmCard Payments encourages inquiries regarding our software capabilities. Our in house IT and software coding team also welcomes the opportunity to build custom applications and data reporting suites as requested by our customer base. AmCard Payments not just another payment processing provider – we’re your partner – and take the functionality and success of your business very seriously.

Our in house software development has focused on setting the payment processing foundation required to enable eCommerce merchants to offer as many secure payment options as possible to a diverse and demanding customer base:

Proprietary PaymentXP™

PaymentXP™ is a robust and all encompassing payment processing suite used to accept payments online via eStore and Shopping Cart applications, and manual customer data entry via PC terminal at the Point of Sale. Whether data is input from the customer or the merchant, our proprietary payment gateway ensures information is passed securely between the customer and the merchant and between merchant and AmCard Payments. For more detailed information on PaymentXP™, please click or contact an AmCard Payments specialist for a product demo.

Virtual Terminal

Our Virtual Terminal solutions are able to perform almost all of the same functions as POS terminals, including optional swiping features for card present transactions. An AmCard Payments Virtual Terminal, and included software, allow for remote key in entry of all types of payments, and performs the gateway function in the transaction process.

Fast and Secure Payment Gateways

PaymentXP™ offers the best in payment gateway functionality, however, AmCard Payments realizes that some merchants may be accustomed to other gateway providers. AmCard Payments enjoys relationships with the top gateway providers in the industry, including, NMI, and others. These direct partnerships allow AmCard Payments to integrate our proprietary software with other payment gateways, and when combined with our advanced security features offered through PaymentXP™, your online payment gateway is optimized for efficiency and productivity.

Accepting eChecks

Offering as many payment options as possible to the merchant customer is vital to long term sales growth. eChecks, are an increasingly popular consumer payment option that allows merchants customers to enter the customers banking and routing information into the interactive entry PC screen, rather than physically accepting a check through the mail. Our proprietary software allows for ease of use and functionality while processing checks electronically.

Management of Recurring Billing

AmCard Payments software suites allow for recurring billing to be set for automatic processing at time intervals selected by the merchant. Our proprietary software suite allows storage of your customer’s information in our secure network thereby allowing for an array of scheduled billing options.

Data Reporting in Real Time

AmCard Payments robust reporting features are offered real time via our online Client Portal. The proprietary Client Portal monitors real time transaction history, in addition to a complete list of other useful data reporting comparisons. Need to know the real time results of a new national advertising campaign, or want to test a new sales pitch while monitoring sales volumes, for instance? PaymentXP™ offers data reporting unequaled in our industry. Have a custom reporting requirement? Our in house and vertically integrated IT Team will add custom features as requested.

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