eCommerce eCheck Processing

A top priority for any merchant is to ensure as many payment options as possible are available to the consumer thereby rendering the point of sale transaction to be as fluid as possible.  Although credit cards and debit cards are by far the most popular method to accept payment online, other payment options cannot be forsaken. Electronic Checks, also known as eChecks, are an increasingly popular payment method that allows customers to simply enter their banking information, rather than physically sending a check through the mail. This information can be obtained either through direct consumer input, or the information can be taken and entered by the merchant customer service staff.


The AmCard Payments Virtual Terminal through PaymentXP™ is equipped to easily enter your customer’s banking information by capturing the customers account and routing numbers. The eCheck is then securely processed through Automated Clearing House (ACH), the national network that processes checks.

An Electronic Check processing solution is intended, not only for eCommerce and Telephone Orders, it can serve as a backup or primary check processor for physical location retailers as well. Contact an AmCard Payments Merchant Specialist today to see how easy it is to start processing checks electronically.

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