Understanding Your Merchant Services Statement JPEG_UNDERSTANDING

Understanding Your Merchant Services Statement

JPEG_UNDERSTANDING YOUR STATEMENTYou may have been promised a great rate but when taking a closer look, you are likely paying much more. Many processors quote a low rate to close the sale, but the fact is only a small percentage of your transactions actually qualify for that rate and maybe none at all. They don’t tell you the remainder will be calculated at a fee that could be as much as double or triple that low rate.

This is why AmCard Payments offers statement consulting services AT NO COST.  Since we are committed to transparency in billing, and are driven to help our customers understand their statements, we have the professional auditing skills required to identify all costs and fees that are normally buried deep within a billing statement. IT PAYS TO UNDERSTAND YOUR STATEMENT

AmCard Payments will uncover and determine your true transaction costs. Odds are your rate is higher — perhaps a lot higher — than you think. Why? Because many card processors hide fees in fine print, and their monthly statements are so hard to read, you have no idea what you’re really paying.

The following can be uncovered with a professional audit by our Underwriting Staff:

What am I being charged for?
Many processors charge more for what should be qualified as lower-cost transactions. We’ll confirm you’re being charged what you’ve been promised.

Not all card transactions are created equal
Depending on the type of business, card, and transaction, many processors create their own categories as a way to mark up the rate they charge without full disclosure, or without following interchange guidelines.

Beware of surcharges
Many processors hide arbitrary charges without disclosing them in an upfront and honest way. Take note of additional fees
There may be even more fees for batching, authorization, and annual fees.

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