High Risk Software Solutions

JPEG_HIGH RISK SOFTWARE SOLUTIONSAs merchants discover new prosperity in a world of diverse consumer tastes, AmCard Payments is uniquely positioned to meet the challenges of payment processing in business sectors traditionally labeled as “high risk” in our industry (please review links defining “high risk,” and speak to an AmCard Payments specialist about whether or not your high risk merchant account meets qualification standards)

AmCard Payments offers an extensive array of software tools to manage merchant accounts with efficiency and security. Whether it’s our customized Virtual Terminal, our proprietary gateway PaymentXP™, the advantages of eCheck processing, mobile solutions, recurring billing, or data reporting, AmCard Payments works diligently to remain on the forefront of online global payment processing solutions.

Virtual Terminal

Our Virtual Terminal is able to perform almost all of the same functions as POS terminals. Many merchants have been able to reduce their costs and boost their profits by eliminating equipment costs and increasing the speed with which they receive their funds. An AmCard Payments Virtual Terminal, and incorporating software, allow for remote key in entry of all types of payments, and performs the gateway function in the transaction process.

Proprietary PaymentXP™ Software

AmCard Payments is pleased to offer PaymentXP™, our proprietary payment gateway that ensures information is passed securely between the customer and the merchant and also between merchant and AmCard Payments. For more detailed information on PaymentXP™, please click https://www.paymentxp.com/ or contact an AmCard Payments specialist for passwords to set up a demo of the software. PaymentXP™, is the most versatile software solution in the industry allowing for seamless acceptance and approval of payments via card present and card not present transactions.

Recurring Billing Software

The proprietary software solutions incorporated into PaymentXP™, make recurring billing worry-free. Our system allows storage of your customer’s information in our secure network thereby allowing for an array of scheduled billing options.

Payment Gateways

In addition to providing our own secure software and gateway platform found in AmCard Payments PaymentXP™, we also partner with a number of other payment gateways including Authorize.net, NMI, and others. This allows AmCard Payments to integrate our proprietary software with other payment gateways, and when combined with our advanced safety measures, your online payment gateway is optimized for efficiency and security.


Although credit cards are by far the most popular way to pay online, AmCard Payments knows that electronic checks, also known as eChecks, are an increasingly popular payment method that allows customers to simply enter the customers check and banking information into the entry screen, rather than physically accepting a check through the mail.

Mobile Solutions

As technology evolves, AmCard Payments offers payment solutions for accepting payments wirelessly. AmCard Payments carries an extensive line of mobile point-of-sale devices making them the most common form of mobile payment in a store setting. In addition, we offer swiped solutions and software that allow for acceptance of customers payments via mobile phones without sacrifice to security.

Real Time Data Reporting

Robust reporting capabilities are offered real time via our online Client Portal. The proprietary Client Portal allows for the monitoring of real time transaction listings, in addition to a long list of other unique and useful data reporting topics of interest. Need to know the real time results of a recently released marketing brochure, or want to test the purchasing patterns of a new website feature while monitoring sales, for instance? PaymentXP™ also offers data reporting with full custom capability offered directly through our vertically integrated IT staff.

AmCard Payments welcomes inquiries relating to our functional capabilities in our wide range of software solutions. Our in house technical team also welcomes the opportunity to build custom features and platforms as requested. AmCard Payments not just another payment processing provider – we’re your partner – and take the functionality and success of your business seriously.

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