Amcard Low Cost Challenge

The AmCard “Low Cost Challenge” Program was developed to foster the most competitive environment possible between Merchant Service Provider, and the merchants they serve. Our confidence in our low cost capabilities is such that we challenge any Merchant with an existing Merchant Account to compare and contrast what AmCard can offer against any other competitor. If we fail to offer a lower overall cost, AmCard will provide a $250 gift card for use at an retail location.

250 good reasons to take our challenge!

Here’s how it works:

1.Send AmCard 2 months of Merchant Account statements from your current Merchant Service Provider.
2.Our underwriting staff will conduct a detailed analysis of all costs and fees.
3.We report back to you with a written audit of what you are being charged now, and offer an AmCard side by side comparison for you to review.
4.If you’re overall costs are unbeatable, we’ll send you a $250 Gift Card to keep, AND you walk away with a very helpful professional report detailing all costs your business is currently paying.

In the 5 minutes required to gather and fax your statements, you can earn $250, and a free professional audit of your expenses! Of course, all of our standard privacy and confidential policies apply.

There are no “strings” attached at all as we are confident we can improve the cost structure and services offered against ANY competitor.

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