Retail Cash Advance

cash-advanceAmCard Payments can offer immediate working capital for your business. Amounts of $1,000 to $1,000,000 are available in 1-2 days time. Whether you need to renovate, expand, purchase inventory, advertise, pay taxes, meet payroll obligations – we can help you secure funds for all types of capital expenditures, or cash flow emergencies.

Our Cash Advance Program is specifically designed for businesses that:

• Exhaust Traditional Methods of Funding
• Need Working Capital Immediately
• Want to Eliminate Paperwork Normally Required to Obtain a Short Term Loan

A qualified Cash Advance eliminates many obstacles and delays common with bank loans by assessing the strength of your business through your transaction history. Exploring a flexible and responsive alternative gives you the options you need to successfully maintain growth in times of need.

Please contact AmCard Payments to request information on our Cash Advance Programs and to explore how additional capital might help your business today. A customer service representative is standing by to assist.

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