Retail AmCard PC

JPEG_AVANTUS PCAmCard Payments has developed AmCard PC, a proprietary software solution for every merchant type, size, and range that increases the payment processing options for our customer base utilizing Virtual Terminals.

Since AmCard Payments supports its own vertically integrated IT and software writing staff in house, we create a productivity competitive advantage for our customer base. We have the innate ability to customize our software platforms to meet the individualistic requirements of any particular eCommerce customer.

Whether it is data reporting, payment gateways, or custom transaction reporting, AmCard PC is a robust solution for all types of diverse processing environments exceeding the demands of any eCommerce business.

Our proprietary software is, hands down, THE gold standard in the payment processing industry, which seamlessly translates into a competitive and productivity advantage for our customer base.

For more detailed information about AmCard PC please contact an AmCard Payments specialist.

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