Data Protection

JPEG_SECURITY_DATA PROTECTIONAmCard Payments is dedicated to the security and protection of our merchant base, our merchants’ consumers, and to storage of sensitive data. Our PCI compliant platform is supported in house by our expert team of underwriters and IT specialists dedicated to screening merchant portfolios both manually and via proprietary software to ensure our merchants are minimizing risk while maximizing profitability.

AmCard Payments engages in regular corporate audits by industry auditors, including outside consultants who are leaders in the risk management industry.

Our Data Protection mechanisms are shared directly with our customer base creating unparalleled value. Our risk management specialists work closely with our IT team to design proprietary risk systems for the special use of our customers. In addition, access to selected risk management tools and reports are available to our customer base through the AmCard Payments Client Portal.

Our dedication to Data Protection will result in the following benefits for our merchant base:

  • Increased merchant profits via increased productivity
  • Decreased risk, thereby lowering overall costs.
  • Decrease in Declined Authorization Rates
  • Improved Management of Chargebacks
  • Stabilization of overall Merchant Accounts

A Data Protection Specialist is available during normal business hours to assist and educate on all merchant Data Protection issues.