Gift and Loyalty Cards

JPEG_GIFT_LOYALTY CARDSGift Card and Loyalty programs have become a valuable addition to any merchant marketing program by offering immediate sales growth opportunities while positively contributing to customer retention.

AmCard Payments specializes in services that help our merchant base turn gift cards into powerful marketing tools that increase revenue and expand your customer base. In fact, we have in house capability to design, manufacture, electronically load, and track data via proprietary software programs to analyze success. Our gift card programs are easy to implement so you can start providing these value-added offerings quickly, in fact, we can offer same day design and manufacture of Gift Cards to meet any immediate demand.

Understanding Why Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs are so Effective:

• New Customers: A Gift Card purchaser offers a personal endorsement to the gift card recipient to purchase products or services from a merchant establishment. The recipient, who otherwise may not be familiar with your business, now has the chance to become a new, loyal customer.

• Revenue Generation: The Gift Card Purchase produces revenue for the merchant that might otherwise have not been realized at that time.

• Increased Revenue: Studies have shown that Gift Card consumers spend more when the gift is given a dollar value that the recipient can see, rather than offering a gift where the recipient is not aware of how much a gift actually costs.

• Customer Loyalty: Gift Cards can be used to generate loyalty by rewarding customers and motivating them to return by offering incentives that entice customers to continue loading them. AmCard Payments offers free consulting services for our merchant base that can define unique incentives that will inspire any merchant customer base to become more loyal to your business and spend more as a result.

• Co-Marketing Businesses: Establishing relationships with other local merchants offers the opportunity to refer new customers to each other in exchange for displaying and promoting the sale of Gift Cards, or by attracting first-time customers by giving away preloaded gift cards whose cost is offset by acquiring new business.

• Reduced Merchandise Returns: Studies have proven that Gift Cards allow the recipient to purchase what they want rather than returning an item they don’t want. A reduction in returns is an immediate benefit produced by offering Gift Cards.

For more information on Gift Card and Loyalty Programs, please contact an AmCard Payments account specialist from our Contact us page.

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