Retail POS Equipment and Hardware

Whether reprogramming existing equipment, or equipping your business with new state-of the-art hardware and software soJPEG_HARDWARE_contactless-paymentlutions, AmCard Payments offers the most cost effective, productive, and efficient solutions for processing payments.

AmCard Payments offers a full suite of options ranging from leasing of equipment to purchase. Whether leasing or purchasing, we are sure to have a cost competitive solution that fits the needs of our diverse customer base. Our comprehensive POS product and networking options include:

POS Terminals
PaymentXP, Proprietary Virtual Terminal.
PaymentXP, Proprietary Payment Gateway.
PC and Web-Based Virtual Terminals and Payment Gateways.


When existing equipment is already in place, AmCard Payments’ IT Department will remotely reprogram your equipment to run efficiently while utilizing our full service payment processing software.

This remote capability extends to most all equipment currently in use past and present, and the reprogramming can be accomplished with virtually no down time so you can begin processing transactions with ease and without delay.

Simply schedule a time for the remote programming to take place, and AmCard Payments will accomplish the task with relative ease.

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