Higher Risk Industries

If your business falls within one of the following categories, we may not be able to underwrite your High Risk merchant account. Since assuming any business falls under the High Risk merchant account category can be detrimental to your business, we highly recommend contacting an AmCard Payments risk specialist for consultation to discuss your business or industry.

client-portalAny illegal activity
• Any Illegal products/services
• Chain Letters
• Check Cashing Establishments
• Currency Exchanges
• Debt Consolidation Services
• Drug Paraphernalia
• Firearms sales via MOTO or Internet
• Get Rich Quick Schemes
• Illegal Gambling Including Internet/MOTO Gambling
• Lottery, gaming, raffles
• Merchants offer rebates or special incentives
• Money Orders/Cash Advances
• Money Transfer Services
• Mortgage Reduction Services/Loan Mods
• Outbound Telemarketing Merchants (Includes “Up-Sellers”)
• Quasi Cash
• Replicas-designer name products
• Third Party Payment Processors/Aggregators
• Tobacco Products via MOTO or Internet
• Travel-Outbound Telemarketing

* The list above is subject to change

If You think that you might fall into one of theses categories please contact AmCard Payments To see if you qualify for one of our High Risk programs.