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ecommerce-main-imageUse These Six Fundamentals When Selecting a Merchant Services Provider

Whether it’s ease-of-use at checkout, quick and accurate authorization, reliable and efficient hardware, user-friendly software, refunds, store credits, or chargebacks – AmCard Payments considers itself the backbone of your retail operation providing full service merchant services on a global scale.

AmCard Payments has carefully tailored our product and services to focus on 6 Fundamental ingredients to the merchant/processor relationship.

Our commitment to these 6 Fundamentals is what has resulted in an overall competitive advantage that extends beyond industry norms, thereby increasing overall productivity for our Retail Merchant Base:

Fundamental #1: Low Interchange Rates and Transaction Fees

AmCard Payments guarantees the most competitive rates and transaction fees possible within the Retail Merchant Services processing category, offering the lowest per transaction costs available in the market. In order to accomplish this, AmCard Payments has developed personnel and proprietary software based risk aversion tools developed to mitigate various levels of risk. For instance, we employ our own in house IT Department, Proprietary Software Department, Equipment Programming and Distribution Department, our own Loan/Cash Advance Underwriting Department, and can even print custom Gift Cards in house within 8 hours. This vertical integration, combined with our risk mitigation commitment, serve to lower overall risk thereby lowering overall costs for our customer base.

Fundamental #2: Security and PCI Compliance

Security and PCI Compliance are tantamount to the success of any Retail processing platform. Without these critical components integrated into the transaction process, a merchant risks a privacy breakdown of the consumer/merchant relationship thereby jeopardizing crucial development of the repeatable consumer base. The in-house IT department of AmCard Payments is investigating, researching, and ultimately implementing the most advanced security measures available so our merchant base can capitalize on lower overall transaction costs.

Fundamental #3: 24 Hour Support

A key element of any retail business is that it must function seamlessly around the clock, especially for merchants where business hours extend well beyond banking hours. AmCard Payments recognizes this fundamental requirement, and this is why our customer service functions never shut down. Whether it’s a live chat online, speaking by telephone, or face-to-face communication, AmCard Payments is available to its client base 24/7/365 for any inquiry, question, or issue. With a 98.7% first call resolution, our customer service transcends the traditional in every way. A partnership with AmCard Payments means a relationship with a company that considers it a full time responsibility ensuring your transaction processing is being supported 24 hours per day, everyday.

Fundamental #4: Transparency in Statements

AmCard Payments understands the importance of billing transparency and it’s role in increasing overall productivity for our Retail Merchant Base. Removing the guess work associated with integrating a merchant statement with a merchant accounting system is a mandate that we take seriously. We recognize how a complicated, vague, or confusing statement, decreases productivity for our retail customer base thereby serving to increase overall costs. Our aim is to increase productivity, and our proprietary data reporting system has been designed and developed from top to bottom to accomplish this.

Fundamental #5: Software Platforms are the Key to Increasing Merchant Productivity

AmCard Payments supports its own in house and vertically integrated IT and software writing staff thereby eliminating the need for outside sourcing of these critical functions. Whether it is data reporting, POS System processing, virtual terminals, or mobile processing, we have the internal capability, to not only meet the everyday retail processing demands of our customer base, but to exceed these demands through the use of custom software platforms. Our proprietary software is THE gold standard in the retail payment processing industry translating into a competitive and productivity advantage for our retail customer base.

Fundamental #6: Online Reporting Must be Real Time Accessible

AmCard Payments recognizes that traditional means of data reporting through statements does not present the tools required to effectively operate a retail business in any fast paced environment. In addition to our award winning and real time transaction reporting Client Portals, we offer real time data collection to monitor and track all forms of merchant growth strategies. For instance, we can design and implement custom software to evaluate key marketing efforts like sale promotions, specials, advertising campaigns, location comparisons, new direct sales approaches, new product launches, marketing approach comparisons, before and after TV and Radio advertising comparisons, and many, many more. AmCard Payments understands that access to a deeper level of data reporting can be crucial to growth strategies of our customer base. In the end, our reporting capabilities are meant to offer our retail customer base the tools required to increase sustainable profitability.

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