Retail Software Solutions

JPEG_SOFTWARE SOLUTIONSRetail Merchant Services from AmCard Payments build the foundation required for your business to generate maximum revenue from every transaction by implementing seamless retail payment solutions that ensure the retail consumer has as many payment options as possible at the point of sale. Our software solutions focus on productivity and reporting enhancements that allow retail merchants to improve efficiencies.Whether it’s ease-of-use at checkout, quick and accurate authorization, reliable and efficient hardware, user-friendly software, refunds, store credits, or chargebacks – AmCard Payments considers itself the backbone of your retail operation providing full service merchant services on a global scale. Our software solutions have been developed with the user in mind:

AmCard PaymentsPC

Through our development of AmCard PaymentsPC, we offer an in-store user interface based on a PC. AmCard Payments PC offers the ability to transact in a card present or card not present environment and can be fully customized and networked depending on a merchants needs and business type.

AmCard Payments supports its own vertically integrated IT and software writing staff, giving us the innate ability to customize our software platforms to meet the individualistic requirements of any particular retail customer.


As a vertically integrated company, AmCard Payments is pleased to offer PaymentXP™, our proprietary payment gateway and processing platform that ensures customer data is passed securely between the consumer and the merchant, and then between merchant and AmCard Payments. For more detailed information on PaymentXP™, please click or contact an AmCard Payments account specialist to acquire instructions for an online demo session.

Electronic Check Transfer

AmCard Payments Merchant Solution offers risk-free electronic check transfer (ECT) that makes accepting checks as easy as accepting credit cards. Paper checks are scanned at point-of-sale (POS) and then converted into digital images that are processed electronically through our reliable, secure network.

Wireless Processing

AmCard Payments was an industry leading developer of wireless credit card processing software through a WiFi connection. Not only is it a convenient way to process transactions for retail customers, AmCard Payments can network all of your devices together so you can enjoy maximum synchronicity and reliability, all of which are fully security enabled.

Real Time Data Reporting

AmCard Payments offers real time transaction data reporting via our online Client Portal, and achieves ground breaking enhancements in other reporting that can effectively help manage any retail merchant account. From evaluating growth strategies and new product/service launches, to evaluating sales volumes before and after marketing promotions, AmCard Payments offers the most robust and advanced data reporting features available in our industry.

AmCard Payments state-of-the-art software solutions have been developed in house with an industry leading focus on the success of your retail business, and the mandate to efficiently process all forms of payment your customers present at the point-of-sale.