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ecommerce merchant accountUse These Six Fundamentals When Selecting a Merchant Services Provider

As a leading merchant services provider, AmCard Payments understands and simplifies the matrix of components that are critical to the success of an eCommerce merchant. Whether your relationship selection is based on low rates and reasonable fees, state-of-the-art security, accessible and knowledgeable customer support, transparency in billing, or in user-friendly and custom software platforms, AmCard Payments works diligently to remain on the forefront of online global payment processing solutions.

An eCommerce merchant depends on staying ahead of competition, and as such, AmCard Payments has focused on 6 fundamental areas of expertise that are critical to the short and long term profitability of our card not present customer.

Fundamental #1: Low Interchange Rates and Transaction Fees

AmCard Payments guarantees the most competitive rates and fees possible within the high risk processing category, offering the lowest per transaction costs available. In order to accomplish this, AmCard Payments has developed personnel and proprietary software based risk aversion tools developed to mitigate various levels of risk. Since rates and fees are directly related to risk factors, these proprietary developments serve to lower overall risk thereby lowering overall costs for our customer base.

Fundamental #2: Security and PCI Compliance

Security and PCI Compliance are tantamount to the success of any elevated risk processing platform. Without these critical components of the transaction process, a merchant risks a breakdown of the consumer / merchant relationship thereby jeopardizing crucial development of the repeatable consumer base. As payments arrive from every corner of the globe, authentication and privacy must be fast and secure with the most advanced proprietary tools scanning real-time to detect and repel fraudulent activity before it has time to affect a transaction. The in-house IT department of AmCard Payments is investigating, researching, and ultimately implementing.

Fundamental #3: Customer Service and Support 24 Hours Per Day

A critical element of an eCommerce business is that it must function seamlessly around the clock. As such, a question should be considered as follows: How can an eCommerce merchant succeed unless the processing of transactions is operational 24 hours per day, including key customer service and support? AmCard Payments recognizes this fundamental requirement, and this is why our customer service functions never shut down. Whether it’s a live chat online, speaking by telephone, or face-to-face communication, AmCard Payments is available to its client base 24/7/365 for any inquiry, question, or issue. Our service transcends the traditional currently running at a 98.7% first call resolution and satisfaction rate. A partnership with AmCard Payments means a relationship with a company that considers itself the backbone to any eCommerce operation 24 hours per day, everyday.

Fundamental #4: Billing Transparency

AmCard Payments understands that billing transparency is the only way to conduct business. Eliminating the guess work associated with incorporating a merchant statement into an eCommerce accounting system is a company wide mandate, and something we take very seriously. We recognize how an unclear, or overly complicated statement, not only causes unwarranted confusion, it adds precious man hours to keeping your business in order from an accounting perspective, thereby decreasing overall business productivity. Our goal is to improve producitivity, and our proprietary data reporting process has been designed from top to bottom to accomplish this.

Fundamental #5: Enhanced Productivity Created by Proprietary Software Platforms

AmCard Payments supports its own vertically integrated IT and software writing staff IN HOUSE. There is absolutely no reliance on outside sourcing for this function of our business. This creates a productivity competitive advantage for our customer base since all functions at AmCard Payments are transacted in real time, and we have the innate ability to customize our software platforms to meet the individualistic requirements of any particular eCommerce customer. Whether it is data reporting, payment gateways, or custom transaction reporting, we have the internal capability to meet the diverse needs of our customer base. AmCard Payments takes immense pride in our ability to provide an intuitive platform that anticipates flow in the payment process thereby exceeding the demands of any eCommerce business. Our proprietary software is, hands down, THE gold standard in the payment processing industry. Our software competitive advantage seamlessly translates into a competitive and productivity advantage for our customer base.

Fundamental #6: Real Time Online Reporting

Real time data reporting is a critical component to any eCommerce business. AmCard Payments recognizes that traditional means of data reporting through statements does not present the tools required to run an eCommerce business effectively. Not only does AmCard Payments offer real time transaction reporting via our online Client Portals, we have the ability to partner on real time data collection to evaluate growth strategies, new product launches, marketing approach comparisons for same product sales, location comparisons, TV, radio, and other advertising real time volume comparisons, etc. AmCard Payments understands that access to a deeper level of data reporting can be crucial to growth strategies of eCommerce businesses. Whether it’s consumer tendencies or market forecasts, we provide qualified information about online business and sales patterns so strategies and concepts can be refined in order to realize higher profit margins and successful transactions.

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