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AmCard Payments is dedicated to providing feature rich and lowest cost credit card processing for businesses participating in the Sports Forecasting Industry. From start-up, to mature Handicapper marketing models, our solutions span all types of credit card processing including International, Multinational, and recurring billing models.

As the leading Merchant Account provider for the Gambling Advice industry, Amcard Payments has developed a completely vertically integrated platform designed to streamline the credit card processing function:

  • Affordable and highly competitive direct Bank/ISO processing costs. Our average cost savings is 42% against other Merchant Service Provider product offerings who specialize in Sports Handicapping Services
  • Next Day Funding available
  • Integration of Virtual Terminal and/or swiper (including mobile swiping for trade shows and events) into one efficient processing platform accessible around the world from any computer.
  • Proprietary Gateway that allows for recurring billing, customer vault, continuity billing, and the most efficient Sports Forecasting credit card processing available in our industry. This is the most cost effective, efficient, and secure Payment Gateway available in the market today
  • Optional Fraud Control (proprietary software that allows for custom preset fraud filters to control chargebacks and fraudulent activity)
  • Proprietary Online (paperless) Chargeback Management and Response System. We have completely eliminated the days of hoping your card issuing bank actually received a dispute fax or a letter. Our system can also eliminate chargebacks altogether by automatically notifying you the moment a chargeback hits so it can be refunded manually, or automatically
  • Corporate “one stop” online management for multiple business units reporting under the same login
  • One contact Customer Service. You talk to the same familiar voice 24/7 for all issues or questions pertaining to your Merchant Account

CONTACT Amcard Payments HERE to begin credit card processing with the most competitive and feature-rich Merchant Account available to the Gambling Advice Industry.

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