Flooring Merchant Account

Flooring Sales Merchant Account:

AmCard Payments offers the best and most complete processing solutions for the Flooring Sales credit card processing community. While specializing in both retail brick and mortar and online Flooring sales, AmCard Payments has become a leader in low cost and feature rich credit card processing solutions for the Flooring market segment.

Our solutions have been designed to seamlessly integrate with pay & carry, custom order, and installation business models. Whether your standard delivery time is immediate, or 6 months from order date, Amcard Payments has developed proprietary solutions to increase processing efficiencies and reduce risks on the most secure platform available in our industry. Our solutions focus on the following key elements:

  • Affordable and highly competitive direct Bank/ISO processing costs. We save our Flooring Industry clients an average of 42% compared to top competitor fees. Our focus is to offer the most feature-rich processing platform at the lowest possible cost
  • Next Day Funding
  • Virtual Terminal and/or swiped transactions (including mobile swiping for shows and events). Our solutions are designed to process in both “hard swipe” and “card not present” environments.
  • Proprietary Payment Gateway that allows for card not present transactions, customer history vault, and the most efficient Flooring Sales credit card processing available in our industry. Web based Flooring Sales are conducted on our 100% secure platform.
  • Optional Fraud Control (proprietary software that allows for custom preset fraud filters)
  • Proprietary Online (paperless) Chargeback Management and Response System
  • Corporate “one stop” online management for multiple business units reported via the same screen login
  • Advanced, customizable, and FREE online reporting and data collection

CONTACT AmCard Payments HERE to begin credit card processing with the most competitive and feature-rich Merchant Account available to the Flooring Sales and Distribution industry.

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